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Congestive heart failure (treatment with elastic net): Definition

An American company has devised a new way; it seems promising to treat heart failure: a kind of small bag made of netting, with an elastic consistency and to reduce the pressure of heart walls, fighting at the same time against the deformation of the ventricles of the heart.

Heart failure is characterized by a decrease of more and more of the capacity of heart muscle contraction. Meanwhile, it deforms and grows while losing its power.

Congestive heart failure (treatment with elastic net): Medical Technology

The idea is the following: surround it with a kind of elastic sleeve that will somehow compensate for the loss effectiveness. The Cardiac Support Device CorCap was born (so that the firm Acorn researchers have dubbed this thread). It was first tested on 300 patients who suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) accompanied by an impaired cardiac pump) for specialists (NYHA class III IV) two-thirds waiting for surgery on the mitral valve (valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle). The malfunction of the valve causes blood leakage, ie an additional feeling of the ventricle and in the long run, an excess of blood and thus gradually to eject heart failure muscle exhaustion. The installation of improved net about a quarter of patients of the two groups formed artificially by researchers and just over a quarter of them have seen their worsening heart failure while in the other group (not treaty is to say that patients did not benefit from the trickle attack), half of the patients had heart failure worse.

Congestive heart failure (treatment with elastic net): Medical Examination

Additional examinations can also reveal a more normal shape of the heart, this appearance from elliptical to a much more spherical.

Heart failure (elastic net processing): Processing

In conclusion, this new cardiac treatment only seems to improve, for the moment, the quality of life in patients with moderate heart failure, that is to say, those belonging to class III.

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