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Increase Milk Secretion Enrich The Milk Naturally

How to increase milk in breast

A solution to increase the secretion of milk.
With this solution, the young mother who had difficulty secreted milk, will again regain normal lactation.

First of all, drink plenty of water.
Eating lots of figs, white grapes, fruits of white mulberry and halva, tahini (tahini helvasi).

You can find tahini halva in small grocery stores and even some supermarkets.

Here is a solution that allows to increase the milk supply for breastfeeding moms.

Formulas from reference books in aromatherapy.
HE = Essential Oil
HV = Vegetable Oil or oily macerate.

HE Sweet Fennel: 4 ml
HE Anis: 1ml
Hazel HV: supplement 10ml
Four drops (about 1/4 sugar 1 tsp coffee in olive oil, maple syrup ...) three times a day before meals in the mouth for sublingual absorption

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