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Intimacy and Sexuality For The Women With Breast Cancer

More than half of women treated for breast cancer experiencing sexual difficulties or dissatisfaction attributed to the disease, according to a recent survey.

"A substantial number of women interviewed encounter sexual problems (decrease in libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, pain) related to the cancer experience," says Anne Bredart, psycho-oncologist at the Institute Curie, coordinator of the study.

A questionnaire on quality of life, privacy and self-image was proposed to 850 women aged 18 to 70 years treated for breast cancer, in a period of six months to five years after treatment.

29% reported no sexual activity, citing a lack of interest, physical problems or fatigue, unlike the general population, where the lack of sexual activity is often linked to a lack of a partner.

Of the 71% who testified of regular sexual activity, more than half expressed a desire alteration (58%) or the ability to reach orgasm (51%). 20% feel an emotional distance in marriage, 25% fear of sex with their partner. A majority (65%) felt they were not sufficiently informed about the effects of cancer and its treatment on sexuality.

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