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Study Guide for Nursing Assistant

Nurses who will take the certification exams should take the time to prepare. Test requirements vary by state, but the review is generally divided into two parts. The success of two exams ensures employers that candidates have met state and federal requirements for nursing, according to the National Council of State Nursing Councils (NSCBN).

Written examination
Written examinations are the generally multiple choices. They cover the patient hygiene, grooming, elimination process, dressing, nutrition, hydration, relaxation and comfort. Knowledge base included vocabulary, patient safety, infection control, procedures, data collection and emergencies. Assist nurses with procedures, skin care, cleanliness and skills restorative room are additional topics of study, according to the NSCBN.

Competency Exam
Part skills examination tests your ability to accomplish what you have learned in clinical settings. Some states, such as Oregon, provide all the necessary equipment and the candidate will perform five skills of their choice. Clinical skills, patient ambulation, food aid, aid basin, bed covers and nail care blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiration (vital signs), range of motion, patient positioning, hand washing and to collect samples of the major areas of study nurse aide.

It needed to pass a pre-employment test, some employers, such as Louisiana State University Medical Center, Nursing Assistant. Written test and skills test in addition to a math test, are. Math portion domestic apothecary, and includes questions about the metric system of measurement.

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