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Major Cholera Epidemics

The first historical description by a European was made in 1503 by an officer of Vasco de Gama, which describes an epidemic of diarrhea cataclysmic rapidly fatal (in eight hours) and causing 20 000 deaths in Calicut (India). It initially limited to Asia (India, China and Indonesia ), epidemics develop in the nineteenth century in real pandemic reaching the Middle East, the Europe and Americas.

Formerly kit gallant old familiar name of cholera (which removed the gallant young man).

Seven pandemics are identified:
First pandemic (1817-1825): part of Asia it affects the Africa Eastern and from 1823, the Asia Minor and in the wake of the Russia, and Europe.

Second cholera pandemic (1826-1841): the epidemic spreads from Mecca to the Egypt and Europe.

Third pandemic (1846-1861): the epidemic part of China hits the Maghreb (especially the Algeria ) and Europe.

Fourth pandemic (1863-1876): it affects northern Europe, the Belgium in 1866, the North Africa and South America.

Fifth pandemic (1883-1896): the epidemic spreads from India to the east and the west on several continents.

Sixth pandemic (1899-1923): from Asia, the epidemic is spreading in Russia and then in Central and Western Europe.

Seventh pandemic (since 1961): The 7th pandemic, part of Indonesia in 1961, invaded Asia (1962), and the Middle East and parts of Europe (1965), and then expands in 1970 the African continent, and in 1991, the Latin America. It is in Africa, where cholera is now so endemic that the situation is more worrying at present. An outbreak was also reported in Kabul after the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, more than 2000 cases were reported in the Afghan capital in June 2005. A cholera epidemic affects Haiti in the fall of 2010, where November 25, 1500 it was announced dead and 23,000 infected people.

Knowledge of disease

Cholera, the appearance of a diarrhea.
In the nineteenth century, the West did not experience an epidemic of cholera, a disease where the time has not yet been identified, the structure will be. Although doctors knew under the name of cholera, inherited from the former, a disease with symptoms similar to that happening. It then wondered if Indian or Asiatic cholera was identical to the known forms called cholera morbus (or cholera European cholera morbus Sydenham, cholera English Graves, sporadic cholera). Sometimes still be distinguished four forms of cholera cholerine benign, curable franc cholera, cholera ataxic usually fatal cholera and lightning always deadly. It was not until the work of Robert Koch for some answers: cholera morbus that occurs in the so-called industrialized countries towards the end of the summer is not transmitted from person to person, and human waste does not contain the Vibrio cholera Indian head, which is acute gastroenteritis due to Salmonella.

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