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Cholera First Discovered Explanations

In 1831, Alexandre Moreau de Jonnes, after reviewing a long series of observations on the events of cholera in India and the Middle East, released its report on the Board of Health on the pestilential cholera morbus (he had made known his opinions since 1820). There, in advance contagious nature of the disease, the cause of which is not a resident in his view, the environment - as well as classical theories of the epidemic argued then - but the germ activity "has the right to grow and multiply as organized beings" (he's talking about, but still gaseous emanation, effluvium of which affect people, including breathing).

At first, the thesis Moreau de Jonnes seems to dominate the Academy of Medicine as the Academy of Sciences. However, soon he will meet opposition who developed Jachnichen doctor in Moscow, which eventually succeed: the need to maintain international trade relations have weighed in favor of the theory of non-infectiousness.

In 1832, Joseph Marc Limouzin-Lamothe, pharmacist Albi, see the "primitive and fundamental cause" of cholera morbus in "animalcules or cholera atoms."

Several articles in the Times in September 1849 that the disease theory of telluric Max Von Pettenkofer, electrical theory, theory and the theory of Justus Von ozonic work depends on the point spread by zymotic review explaining the theory of Liebig. Of London (London) Doctor John Snow water as the only way of transmission of the disease in the primary edition of his book on the mode of communication of cholera means his opinion known, the same year in 1849. This is also the unique originality of this first book attests as well still a strong influence of Liebig's ideas. Notwithstanding these early writings meet the skepticism of his contemporaries. In the second edition of 1854, extensively revised, Snow, based on the example of smallpox and syphilis, hypothesizes a kind of animalcule, which ingested would grow in the intestines before be evacuated in the stool.

After the epidemic of 1849, the British Parliament demanded by the Metropolis Water Act of 1852, all the water was gone from London before distribution through slow sand filters. The usefulness of this method will be demonstrated in 1892 when the city of Altona who resorted was spared by the cholera hit hard yet the nearby city of Hamburg.

In 1883, cholera epidemic in Egypt alarmed by the news, and fear that it will be reached later in Europe, the French and German governments will study each one mission. Committee consisting of Roux's Nocard Strauss and Thullier - Missionary Pastor - try to reproduce the disease in animals naturally, because of the resistance which is impossible.

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