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Sick sinus syndrome

What is the sinus node?

The heart has four chambers, two atrium (atria) and two chambers (ventricles). In the right atrium is the sinus node. Sinus node is the heart's "pacemaker" The trigger electrical impulses (approximately 60-70 times per minute when we are at rest) that spreads throughout the heart through an electrical wiring, and partly directly through the musculature. Such an electrical impulse causes the heart to contract and pump blood into the bloodstream. Sinus node ensures that the heart rhythm is stable if necessary, it can increase heart rate, and thus the pulse, eg. by physical exertion.

What is sick sinus syndrome?
Sick sinus syndrome is actually the name of several conditions in which the sinus node is not functioning properly. It causes the heart rate may be too slow or as well fast.

sick sinus syndrome definition

American figures suggest that 1 in 600 people with heart problems have sick sinus syndrome generally, those who receive the state over 60 years. Women are the state about as often as men.

How is sick sinus syndrome?
Most people with sick sinus syndrome need to be put into an artificial pacemaker. A pacemaker is an electrode that is placed inside the heart and which stands in connection with a battery operated under the skin on your chest. It gives the heart signals that stimulate the heart to pump regularly, especially when it beats too slowly. It may also be appropriate to give you medicine in addition to the pacemaker, if your heart beat too fast. Physicians must critically evaluate the medicines you may use because some drugs work adversely to sick sinus syndrome.

At some risk of blood clots forming in the heart, loosen and cause a stroke, so great that one should use the blood-thinning medicine ( anticoagulation ).

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