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Sick sinus syndrome diagnosis

How is the diagnosis?

Some people with sick sinus syndrome without symptoms or only mild signs of disease. Other people have symptoms that come and go. Examples of possible symptoms:

  • Repeated experiences that you feel faint.
  • Feeling the heart skip a beat, or beats too quickly or as well slowly
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pain
  • Shortness of breath
The doctor can identify sick sinus syndrome through tests. The most important is the ECG, an electrocardiogram. EKG'et shows the heart's electrical rhythm, and it can be used to detect the rhythm disturbance that is typical of the sick sinus syndrome. Often, however, so the rhythm disturbances are only occasionally. When one is lucky if it is captured on a resting ECG. In an attempt to prove these rhythm disturbances, it would be appropriate to put on your equipment that keeps your heart rate over 24 hours (called Holter monitoring). You will also be asked to write down the time when you may get seizures with uvellhet or restless heart, while Holter monitoring progress. In retrospect, doctors will be able to see if your seizures coincide with any arrhythmia on the ECG recording.
differential diagnosis sick sinus syndrome

Other medical conditions can also cause sick sinus syndrome, so it is important to make a thorough examination of you in order to detect any such underlying causes.

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