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Long QT syndrome treatment

This syndrome is either acquired or an inherited condition. Among older people can be this rare arrhythmia triggered by one or a combination of more than 50 potential drugs, many of them are in common use. These drugs affect the heart's electrical function. Less usual, long QT syndrome is an inherited condition in which an error in the microscopic channels on the surface of heart cells causes them to act inappropriately. QT currently be seen on an electrocardiogram ( ECG ). When the QT interval is prolonged it may predispose to disorders of heart rhythm, palpitations and fainting, and there may be an increased risk of sudden death.

long qt syndrome in children

Ventricular fibrillation
We estimate that approximately 90% of cases of sudden cardiac death, caused by this arrhythmia. When fibrillation occurs rapid, chaotic electrical impulses that can ventricles to quiver (fibrillere), and they are unable to pump blood. Without effective heartbeat falling blood pressure and blood flow to vital organs such as brain stops. Most people lose consciousness within seconds and require immediate medical help in the form of cardiac resuscitation. Chances of survival increase if cardiac resuscitation can continue until your heart is given an electric shock with a so-called defibrillator, which can normalize heart rhythm. Without cardiac resuscitation and defibrillation occurs death within a few minutes. Ventricular fibrillation is often triggered by a heart attack. But sometimes ventricular fibrillation is the first sign of a heart problem.

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