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Common Causes High blood pressure

What could the reason be?

Common causes
High blood pressure of unknown cause

  • Comprise more than 95% of all cases diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • We are therefore, in more than 95% of all cases no real reason for the elevated pressure.
  • Something is still known regarding the factors that are important. This applies to hereditary factors, lack of exercise, obesity.

Rare causes

  • These are diseases on the body that causes high blood pressure. These reasons make up less than 5% of all cases of high blood pressure.
  • In most cases, it will not be undertaken the study to look for these diagnoses, but it may be necessary to unusually high blood pressure values, while high blood pressure occurs at a young age, or when blood pressure is proving uncommonly difficult to treat.
  • The states are.

Chronic kidney disease

  • Renal artery stenosis - narrowing of the artery to a kidney
  • Pheochromocytomas - tumors that produce epinephrine.
  • Cushing's syndrome - condition that allows the overproduction of cortisone.
  • Conn's syndrome - condition that allows the overproduction of aldosterone.

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What can you do?

  • High blood pressure is one of the several risk factors for heart disease. High blood pressure without other risk factors, involves little risk of complications.
  • It is the sum of the risk factors that are critical to your risk of developing angina pectoris, myocardial infarction or stroke.

Here you can calculate your own risk.

You can influence a number of risk factors:

  • Smoking - quitting smoking is the single most important measure to reduce the risk.
  • Weight loss - you are overweight; it will reduce the risk if you manage to lose weight.
  • Exercise - daily physical activity reduces your risk.
  • Stress reduction - you can put on life-style to make you stress less; it is also beneficial.
  • Diet - eat healthy foods, that is, plenty of vegetables and fruit, lower calories and fat foods.

What does the doctor?
Measure your blood pressure

  • If blood pressure is close to or over the limit, your doctor will conduct a more thorough measurement - including measured blood pressure 2-3 times to get as accurate a measurement as possible.
  • In some cases, the doctor equips you with an automatic blood pressure device that measures your blood pressure several times within 24 hours - this measurement is in most cases not required.

At the elevated pressure

  • Will the doctor make a thorough body examination of the heart, lungs, pulse in the legs, or examination of the eye bottom?
  • Take some simple blood tests to check the contents of the blood potassium and sodium (electrolytes), renal function (creatinine), blood sugar, cholesterol
  • Take a simple urine test to rule out kidney disease
  • As a rule, it will also be included ECG to get an indication of whether the heart has suffered from high blood pressure.

It provides advice on lifestyle changes - cf. "What you can do yourself?"

If blood pressure remains elevated despite your efforts, your doctor after approx. 3 to six months to consider whether you should begin with blood pressure-lowering medication.

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