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Aortic insufficiency treatment

What is the treatment?
If the heart muscle must work with increased stress over time, it will grow and get bigger, like the skeletal muscles grow when you train with weights. To begin with, this gives the pumping ability, but eventually gets pumping ability deteriorated in such a heart. The reason is that there are small tears and scarring in the muscles so that the muscles often become weaker. Treatment of aortic insufficiency is therefore directed to reduce the strain upon the heart to prevent / delay this development. This can be done by using medications such as reducing the resistance that the heart has to pump against.

You can help reduce the strain on your heart by avoiding excessive salt intake, and avoiding stress and greater physical effort.

If you are experiencing growing pains, it is relevant to an operation in which one inserts a new valve to the heart.

When you have been artificially inserted flap / valve, you have an increased risk of infection in the flap, called endocarditis. The artificial valve allows bacteria getting better "foothold" to settle down. Therefore, precautions must be taken by any procedure that involves an increased amount of bacteria in the blood. This means that it should be taken antibiotics as preventative treatment before operation in gums or mouth.

aortic insufficiency surgical indications

What is the outlook?
That said, you can live for years with this condition without you noticing anything. When you first get symptoms, it is essential to start treatment at an early stage. I can do it, you can prevent heart becomes hypertrophied and enlarged. The prognosis is good when inserting a new valve if the heart muscle is not compromised before surgery.

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