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What is Brugada syndrome?

This is a disturbance in the conduction system of the heart that can lead to bouts of serious disturbance of heart rhythm, fainting, and even sudden death.

One believes that this syndrome is inherited, although it has only succeeded in detecting genetic defects in 20-30% of patients. The syndrome was first described by Brugada in 1992. A thought that this is a very rare condition, but over the years it has become clear that there is relatively widespread, it indicated an incidence of approx. 0.05% in the U.S. and Europe, in Japan nearly 10 times more prevalent with an incidence of 0.4%. It is believed that in some countries in South-east Asia can be found in up to 1% of the population.

How detectable syndrome?
Brugada syndrome can be detected by normal registration of the heart's electrical activity, called an ECG. The changes are typical when they demonstrated. However, it has become known that these changes may come and go, and in many cases are only visible under the influence of certain drugs, or under intoxication with alcohol or drugs, especially kokainrus known to trigger changes in people who are predisposed.

In practice, one will only perform an ECG to look for this error for patients who have experienced unexplained fainting spells, or who have close relatives who have been proven wrong, or close relatives who have died suddenly at a young age (before 45 years of age).

How is the condition?
The only effective treatment for preventing sudden death in this condition is to operate a defibrillator. This is done if a patient has the typical ECG changes, and has experienced a fainting - that has had a bout with severe rhythm disturbance if only detectable ECG changes without other symptoms, most probably advisable to continue living without the implanted defibrillator. It is unknown how many people have this error, and there are no reliable data that can say something about the chances of getting sick if the error is detected. The research in this area, and recommendations are likely to be more consistent over the years.

what is brugada syndrome management

In patients in whom the ECG error is detected, it is important to inform well to avoid the use of medications that may aggravate the condition. This applies especially some types of cardiovascular medications, some antidepressants, local anaesthetic agents. Cocaine use is discouraged, and one should avoid doses of alcohol. It is also recommended that people who have this line the error is not participating in competitive sports.

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