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Although a heart rate below 60 beats per minute at rest is defined as bradycardia, does not mean a low resting heart rate that something is wrong. If you are in good shape, you can clear your heart to pump adequate amounts of blood with fewer than 60 beats per minute at rest. However, if you have a slow pulse in which the heart does not pump enough blood, you may have a type of bradycardia defined as a disease.

Sick sinus syndrome
If the sinus node does not send out impulses correctly, can be heart rate be too slow, or heart rate can increase and decrease each other. If the sinus node function properly, a sick sinus caused by a blockage of impulses near the sinus node, which means that the pulse is sluggish, interrupted or completely blocked.

Lead Block
Implications of the heart's electrical conduction system in each ventricle or near the AV node, or to cause things to happen along the wires. Block between the localization and type of anxiety in your late atriyadalli and ventricles, or become partially or absolutely blocked. If the signal is completely blocked, certain cells in the AV node or ventricles make your own, regular impulses that usually provide the slower pulse. Some blockages make no symptoms or signs, while others can skip the battle or give bradycardia. Even without symptoms and signs is a conduction block is usually possible to detect an ECG. Since a block due to cardiovascular disease, an ECG showing a block, be an early sign of a heart problem.

bradycardia symptoms

With few exceptions, only bradycardia unpleasant, treated. The attacks of dizziness, confusion and fainting will operate the pacemaker.

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