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Myoclonus palliative care

Treatment of myoclonus focuses on medications that help reduce symptoms. The main drug in the treatment of Myoclonus, Action myoclonus, especially certain, the most prevalently prescribed, is a tranquilizer. The amount is usually increased until the patient improves or side effects of commonly prescribed as dangerous until (drowsiness and loss of coordination in general) is. The development of tolerance to it over time can be reduced if the beneficial effects of the drug.

For example, barbityuret, phenytoin and primidone as myoclonus, for medicine, some are used to treat epilepsy. Barbiturates slow down the central nervous system, and the peace and anticonvulsant effects. Phenytoin can cause liver failure or other long-term adverse effects in patients with PME, also phenytoin and primidone, an effective anticonvulsant drug. Sodium valproate myoclonus can be used as an alternative treatment, and either alone or in combination with commonly prescribed. In both cases, the efficiency of myoclonus, however, some people have to respond to the drugs.

Some studies have shown that 5-hydroxytryptophan (5 - T), a major improvement in the amount of action myoclonus and PME, the level of serotonin. On the other hand, several studies 5 - T treatment is not effective in all patients and in some cases to demonstrate that the situation worsened. Serotonin receptor in the treatment of the underlying abnormalities in these differences is not yet explained, but still provides an important hint.

posthypoxic myoclonus in intensive care

Myoclonus many drugs may be necessary to an effective treatment for the original complex. Some of them may have a limited effect, even when taken individually, or in different ways of combining drugs to the brain more than the mechanical work. Hormonal treatments for drug efficacy can be increased by some anti myoclonic. Comparison of several drugs, scientists still hope to achieve control of myoclonic symptoms better.

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