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What is Wegener's granulomatosis?

Wegener's granulomatosis is a disease that attacks the small blood vessels (arterioles and capillaries) in the body. In particular, lungs, throat, nose, sinuses and kidneys are affected.

In the beginning, the symptoms are often vague, such as runny nose or prolonged otitis media that is not well with standard treatment. Complaint from the lungs is sometimes later with cough and breathing difficulty. Mild fever, fatigue and general malaise are common. Some people get joint pain, swelling around an eye or skin rash. Disease of the kidney is usually marked late in the course.

Wegener's granulomatosis is a rare disease that can be very severe without treatment.

How are long-term prospects?
Wegener's granulomatosis is a disease that can become life threatening if not treated. With the treatment options available today, most patients recover. Some will relapse and must be treated again. Some are long-term effects of treatment.

We recommend regular checks for years to come even if you have been completely healthy.

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