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Chronic venous insufficiency condition

How is the condition?

There are several things you can do yourself to improve the situation:

  • Regular exercise such as walking, is important because it stimulates circulation and helps keep weight under control.
  • Using specially designed elastic stockings may be helpful to both the discomfort and the swelling.
  • Avoid prolonged sedentary or standing work. Be sure to move your feet and move. On long flights, this should be done several times during the trip.
  • Add your legs elevated at rest.
  • Be careful skin care to prevent ulcers
  • Stopping smoking is highly recommended!
  • An herbal remedy of horse chestnuts (Venastat) is shown to be effective in some, and can be tried at times of an extraordinary amount of pain (not pregnant)

chronic venous insufficiency more condition_symptoms

The annoying symptoms may be relevant operation. This may improve cosmetic conditions and alleviate symptoms. If only cosmetic annoying varicose veins that is the problem, these can be treated and removed by surgery. If the deep veins are clogged, it is possible with internal blocking and placement of the stent to keep the artery open. In rare cases, it may be necessary to make surgical reconstruction of the valves in the vessel wall.

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