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What is varicose veins?

The venous pump in the legs
Varicose veins is dilated, sinuous blood vessels (veins) just below the skin surface, especially on the lower leg and inner thigh. Varicose veins is called in technical language for varices. Varicose veins is considered as an innocent medical condition where treatment usually is not needed. However, varicose veins can be both physically and psychologically uncomfortable.

Varicose veins is extremely common, occurring in 10-20% of all men and in 25-35% of all women. Women often seek medical advice for varicose veins, so the condition is perceived as more frequent among women because of that. Age of onset varies; some people develop varicose veins already in their teens, but the incidence increases with age.

what is varicose veins caused from

What is the prognosis?
Varicose veins tended to increase with age, and gradually become more serious. However, dangerous complications are very rare.
After surgery, there are some who have a recurrence in a study from 2011, found recurrence in 16-23% of patients after two years - no significant difference between the laser treatment or surgery.

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