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Varicose veins condition

How is the condition?
Varicose veins is a harmless and innocent condition which in most cases does not require any treatment. Very few are experiencing leg ulcers or other complications. For much discomfort, it may still be necessary to remove varicose veins.

You can take measures to reduce any discomfort. You should avoid stagnant labor. Furthermore, avoid tight clothing or stockings that prevent blood backflow. Alternatively, you can use elastic stockings ( compression stockings ) that clamp together years and reduce the risk of varicose veins increase in size. If you feel heavy in the legs and swollen, you should sit with your legs high. Obesity worsens varicose veins. If you have eczema on my legs, you should treat it well to avoid wounds.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins may be appropriate if you have a lot of complaints, or if there is a tendency to ulceration of the skin. Cosmetically unacceptable varicose veins can also be an indication for surgery.

is varicose veins a condition

The surgery removed the superficial veins by opening the vein in the groin and ankle region, enters a string through the vein and pulls the vein out ("stripping"). The disadvantage of the procedure is that there is extravasation of bluish discoloration in the area where the vein was pulled out. This results usually within a couple of weeks. Some have impaired sensory and needles in the leg due to nerve damage. It is always a risk that varicose veins can come back after such an operation at the other veins to dilate. This new varicose veins is, however, usually less than the original.

Instead of surgical removal of varicose vein and is increasingly used a method with internal heating and thus the destruction of a vessel. A probe is inserted into the vein through a small incision in the skin. Artery thermal treatment (laser or radio waves) so that it "melts" and converted into connective tissue. This treatment can be done under local anesthesia and avoids the troublesome bleeding under the skin after the procedure. The results seem to be as good as during normal operation.

It is also possible to make the injection treatment of varicose veins. This treatment consists in that it injected a local irritant substance in varicose veins. This leads to varicose veins damage and collapse. The method is not as effective as surgery, and is best suited for small varicose veins. A new method is injection of local irritant substance in the foam form - this leads to a better distribution of the substances, and thus opportunities for the treatment of some larger areas. This could be a useful method in the future.

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