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What causes superficial phlebitis?

Varicose veins is a very frequent cause of superficial phlebitis. The studies have shown that in 4-59% of patients with varicose veins will be developed superficial phlebitis 2 and approx. 70% of all patients with superficial phlebitis have varicosities 4.

Formation of blood clots may be triggered by an injury blood tub wall. These may have come after the infection, or after the insertion of intravenous needles or syringes. There will always be a superficial phlebitis where the needle was, if you've slept with an endovenous drip a few days.

The blood is as well as more likely to clot in users of oral contraceptives, as well as certain chronic conditions such as cancer. Immobilization, such as bed rest after an operation, can also cause the blood flows further slowly in the veins, allowing blood clots more easily.

causes superficial thrombophlebitis phlebitis

Some people are prone to blood clots; they have called hypercoagulability adequacy Anderson, thrombophilia.

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