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What are the symptoms of superficial phlebitis?

The typical complaints are that it slowly develops tenderness and discomfort in the area at or below the clot. As it occurs slightly swollen, the skin becomes distended, and you notice a gradual increase in temperature and redness of the skin.

The inflammation of the superficial veins may be noticed the thick vein as a hard string, eg. on hand, arm or leg often inflammation of varicose veins in the legs.

How the condition diagnosed?
Symptoms and findings of the study are often ambiguous, making the diagnosis easy to adjust when the condition is allowed to develop for a while. Early in the disease, however, symptoms and findings may be so sparse that it is impossible to make the diagnosis.

An inflammation is an innocent condition and usually requires no further investigation or any active form of treatment.

How is the condition?
Superficial thrombophlebitis is often without treatment after a week or two. Alternatively, one can use anti-inflammatory cream rubbed over the inflamed vein.

Other treatment options are anti-inflammatory tablets ( NSAIDs ) and blood-thinning medications.

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