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What causes the post-thrombotic syndrome?

Valvular function in the legs
Veins are blood vessels that carry blood back from the tissues of the body to the heart if the blood clots in such blood vessels, inhibiting blood back flow. The exposed body part can then be filled with blood and swollen.

Many things can cause blood clots in deep veins. The most frequent cause is immobilization in connection with illness or surgery. The risk is increased by, for example; cancer, and treatment with estrogen increase the risk. In many cases, find a no certain explanation for clot formation.

When a blocked vein, the pressure inside the vein. Veins contain valves that act as valves that allow blood to flow only one way through the blood vessels, namely, towards the heart. When the pressure increases inside the vein, these valves become damaged. This makes the veins does not lead the blood as effectively as before, and the blood "pile up." This may further cause the fluid oozing from blood vessels and creates swelling and color changes.

The skin also becomes more fragile and vulnerable because of the swelling, and it can form open sores.

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