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Post-thrombotic syndrome condition

How is the condition?
The aim of treatment is to prevent fluid accumulation (edema) in the foot / leg, preventing ulceration and to ensure optimal blood circulation in the foot.

There are several things you should ensure:

  • The use of elastic stocking during and after treatment for blood clots can prevent post-thrombotic disorders. Casing should be used for a long time, even several years after the acute treatment. In any case, stocking used as long as there is a tendency to swelling in the foot.
  • Through care of your skin is important to prevent wound.
  • Daily activity and exercise help to keep the circulation going, and can reduce the degree of fluid retention and pains.
  • The condition is unsuitable for surgical treatment or treatment with medicines.

How are long-term prospects?
One must assume that the symptoms get worse with age. In any case, this applies if a careless treatment. Complaints can be a problem in some types of work. Both the hard physical work and sedentary or standing work can provide growing pains.

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