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What are the consequences of blood clotting disease?

Patients suffering from symptomatic thrombosis disease after surgery, are at risk of developing life-threatening pulmonary embolism. The treatment of thrombosis, anticoagulant therapy, is lengthy and demanding.

It slows the growth of blood clots, reduces the risk of life-threatening complications, and helps to break down blood clots. Clogged arteries in the lungs and legs opens frequently after treatment, but clogged arteries in the thigh open rarely.

the consequences of blood clotting disease name

When the vein does not open again, often within months or years occur so-called post-thrombotic syndrome with persistent swelling in the leg, the formation of varicose veins, development of chronic eczema and wounds. Another late effect is an increased risk of new blood clots, which is probably due to prolonged obstructed blood flow.

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