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Prevention of blood clots during surgery treatment

Preventive treatment
Venous thrombosis disease after surgery can be prevented by rapid mobilization after surgery, with mechanical aids such as graduated elastic compression stockings (stockings that squeeze around the calves), other than by anticoagulant therapy. Early morning and go for an operation is perhaps the most important preventive measure, but that early mobilization alone is often insufficient to prevent blood clots in susceptible individuals.

Compression stockings to protect against the development of thrombosis in patients nyopererte. The effect is best when compression stockings used with blood-thinning medication, but compression stockings also effective at blood clots when used as the only preventive measure. It is uncertain whether compression stockings can help prevent the recurrence of blood clots and how long stockings should be used to achieve the effect. We do not know if there is a difference between long and short compression stockings.

preventing blood clots during surgery

The timing of the first dose and duration of treatment plays a crucial role in the efficacy and safety of the prophylactic anticoagulation. The guidelines regarding this very, but you will get a clear indication of the doctor and nurse at the hospital when your treatment begins, and how long it will last. Generally, treatment lasts for 7-10 days, but in some cases the doctor will recommend that treatment continue for several weeks.

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