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TIA attack diagnosis

The typical features of a TIA-attack is fast starting, short duration and the body returns to normal function as your doctor in most cases, diagnosis based on medical history alone. Body survey of you are probably normal. For some who have had a TIA-attack, the physical examination can reveal signs of narrowing (stenosis) in arteries. It applies primarily carotisarteriene on the neck; the doctor can hear the so-called stenosed.

The following investigations carried out in exceptional cases to make a reliable diagnosis of TIA:

  • Ultrasound of the carotid artery. Investigation may reveal whether there are narrow sections, stenoses in the arteries of the neck.
  • CT of the brain. Investigation may reveal damage to the brain from a brain hemorrhage or stroke. Sometimes survey carried out by injection of contrast dye in the blood.
  • MRI of the brain. Used less than CT, but may be useful in special situations. Furthermore, this survey can be done with contrast injection into the bloodstream.

transient ischemic attack tia diagnosis

  • Echocardiography. Is ultrasound of the heart? It used to check for blood clots in the heart that can come loose and watch the blood flow to the brain.

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