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I hate nursing

For those who are not aware of my setbacks in health and life, a little scenario is required.

I got carried five times in four years of a cyst misplaced. I am therefore forced to daily nursing care (dressing and wicking). In parallel, I started training I am concerned with one or two weeks per month in Nantes, which forces me to juggle my usual clinic (nurses all really great, open, accessible and available) and nurses liberal in Nantes (one ... I hate that!).

Fourth operation in June
Beginning of my training in September.

i hate nursing school so much

First episode

During the first session, I called my nurse and Nantes should care to 18h daily from Tuesday to Friday.

On Thursday evening, I realize that it may be wiser to avoid traffic jams the next day to go home, and then cancel my appointment on Friday. I talk to my baby nurse ...

"Han but you do not realize! Your case I prepared myself. I would have to revert to the map vital that your case is processed faster."

"Oh excuse me, I had not thought of." ..

"You ought to know, however, you are the computer experts!"

Second episode

In November, I still have daily care; the healing is going very badly. It hurts; it smells, and winds rot a little ...

"Ah, but really, I prefer to tell you huh, but if you are a you!"

"Thank you recall it, too kind ..."

Not without laughter ...

Fifth operation in January.
Classes resume this week.

Episode Three

I called my nurse, and Nantes should care to 18h daily from Tuesday to Thursday.

"But it's still not done your thing?"

"Well no, I got repeated in January ..."

"Han is not true; I believe you," she said with a chuckle strongly.

"Nah, but it's not funny huh," I answer, dryly.
White ...

Nah but I swear! This is the first time I see it ...
See you tomorrow darling ...

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