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The history of forensic nursing

Fields of forensic and medical information is always changing and growing, providing more careers and careers in this sub-labor market. Forensic nursing is challenging and fulfilling career in forensic science is one of the new sub. Forensic nursing is going to reach back in history itself, and is still fairly recent in the field.

Since the thirteenth century, nurses have provided services in the form of judicial review-style. Nurses were then asked to confirm that women get married in the charge were virtuous, and they would also examine victims of sexual assault. According to the International Association of Forensic Nurses, entitled "Forensic Nurse" was born in 1992 at a conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. A group of 70 nurses to meet the first national convention for sexual assault nurses. They realize they had much in common because of their experience and work environment. The term "forensic nurse" was born.

Forensic nursing offers various outlets for your career. Some of them are: medical expert witness, sexual assault nurse examiner, an investigator of the death or legal consultant. By specializing in forensic nursing, you can also work for the Medical Examiner's office or as part of a team under the Act.

history forensic mental health nursing

Forensic nurses are nurses who were trained more specific or specialized in criminal proceedings, legitimate testimony and collection of forensic evidence. Forensic nurses came because they were nurses who acted (and still do) the liaison for the medical system of the legal or criminal justice.

In 2002, the Forensic Nursing Certification Board (FNCB) Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) started for the certification exam. In this review, this particular nurse in the area of efficiency, commitment, and shows that the high level of professional knowledge. If you receive this certification, and expert evidence can be tested in the experiments is shown. Forensic nurse, you are already a nurse (RN) is required, and you have to do all the eligibility requirements.

The states of Connecticut, as the staff of the SANE nurses in hospitals the New Jersey, Kentucky, Ohio, a growing trend, and in other states, it is followed. With the government is taking notice, some state legislators are caressing the idea of ​​having a bill that makes hospitals to hire nurses to be forensic staff full time.

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