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Gaddafi plastic Surgery

Gaddafi. Plastic surgeon which operated: "The face is falling"

Qaddafi had 53 years in 1995, but he pretended to young Libyans, those faithful followers who today serve as human shields, to have 25 less. The only way was a facelift: which is why the Brazilian plastic surgeon Liacyr Ribeiro found himself in the heart of one night in January 1995 in the bunker of the Rais in Tripoli? However, today, watching on TV praising the dictator to resist and challenge NATO bombs, Ribeiro regretted: "It is not good publicity, guardategli his face, has completely collapsed." In an interview that has been around the web along with photos of before / after surgery, the luminary of Brazilian and silicone breasts redone in the buttocks recounts the night he took "at least 15 years" from the face of Gaddafi.

gaddafi plastic surgery before and after pictures

The operation took place in secret bunkers of Tripoli, after midnight. "There were two very well-equipped operating rooms, plus a gym and a swimming pool. The Rais did not want general anesthesia, but only locally, because he wanted to remain conscious, "the doctor recalled. And he did not want a traditional facelift: give too much attention, he said, and opted for a less radical procedure. He was then removed fat from the belly and injected into facial wrinkles to fill. However, the doctor warned him: "An operation like this, it only lasts a few years, after which they return is hanging skin that wrinkles." However, Gaddafi said that the appearance of future wrinkles would have called for a new 'retouched. And indeed, Ribeiro was called after five years, but could not fly to Libya for family reasons. The patient was very calm, remember the surgeon, but his' bizarre claims have not stopped even in the operating room: "The operation lasted four hours, and about half Gaddafi said to be hungry. He ordered burgers for everyone, and we took a break. "

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