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Blood clots in pregnancy diagnosis

How the condition diagnosed?
Medical history and typical findings may provide the doctor suspected that blood clots are present. Diagnosis is easy to overlook; however, and only 10% of those suspected of having blood clots, turns out to be.

Ultrasound is the preferred first-line investigation for suspected deep-vein thrombosis. The survey takes place bloodless; it's safe, has high diagnostic accuracy and is affordable. A blood test (D-dimer) is also useful in the study if D-dimer is negative and a negative ultrasound, the chance of blood clots very small. In those cases, one still remains suspect a blood clot; it may be necessary to make venography. When injected contrast dye into a vein (vein) of the foot. The clot blocks the transport of contrast medium and diagnosis. In exceptional cases, be CT or MRI.

diagnosis blood clots in pregnancy bleeding

One approach in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is to take D-dimer test and do the ultrasound of leg / thigh. If both these tests are normal, speaks strongly against pulmonary embolism. With continued uncertainty about the diagnosis is recommended to do so-called spiral CT.

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