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Blood clots in the leg, deep-vein thrombosis treatment

How is the condition?
Treatment of DVT requiring hospitalization. The aim of treatment is to prevent the clot increases in size, try to fix it up, control symptoms and prevent serious complications.

Emergency Treatment
In the acute phase of deep-vein thrombosis treated with blood thinners. Heparin is used during the first days and be given in injection form. Warfarin tablets are then used for 3-6 months to dissolve the clot completely, and to prevent relapse. During warfarin therapy, go to regular checks by your own doctor to measure the blood-thinning medication and adjust if necessary. Pregnant women with blood clots should not take warfarin.
deep vein thrombosis treatment diagnosis

Preventive treatment
There are several things you can do yourself to improve the situation.

  • Use of elastic stockings reduced the risk of complications. These must be individualized. It is important that you continue with these compression stockings for a long time (several years) after you have had a blood clot in the leg. It will reduce the risk of developing persistent pain from the leg (post-thrombotic syndrome - see below).
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Make sure to be active

After surgery, it is important that you get up, mobilized early. It helps reduce the risk of forming blood clots. If there are risk factors for developing blood clots, you will be treated with preventive blood-thinning treatment.

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