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What carotid stenosis can I do?

What can I do?
The purpose of treating carotid stenosis is usually to prevent strokes and drips. Such preventive treatment should ideally begin in childhood, with a healthy diet, physical activity and no smoking.

However, it is never too late with these lifestyle changes. Even if you already have atherosclerosis, the risk to die or have serious heart disease can be greatly reduced if you make any changes.

Most important of all is to stop smoking. Stopping smoking will almost immediately reduce your risk, while having a number of other positive health consequences.

Diet is important and you should eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fish, while the fat content should be reduced. In particular, animal fats should be avoided. Animal fats found in meat, meat products and dairy products like cheese and whole milk.

You should also make sure to be physically active. Light and moderate intensity is sufficient, such as walking.

Good treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure reduces the risk, and overweight can benefit from weight loss.

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