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Treatment of lymphedema

Treatment of lymphedema:
Because the lymphoedema worse through the various stages, it is important to start treatment as early as possible. There is no cure, but much can be achieved by treatment with a physiotherapist and postgraduate education in the Complete Physical Lymphocyte Dembehandling. The goal of treatment is to put in measures to stop the deterioration and improve the quality of life. Drugs have no place in the regular treatment of the condition.

Treatment consists of two phases:

Phase 1 Intensive phase (edema reduction)

The first phase takes from 1-4 weeks with a daily treatment of 60-90 minutes. The length depends on the size and hardness of lymphoedema. The treatment consists of skin care, manual lymph drainage, compression therapy with short stretch bandage and movement therapy. At the end of intensive phase is taken to measure elastic compression stockings.

treatment of lymphedema of the lower extremities

Phase 2 maintenance phase: (improvement of the results obtained)

Compression stockings are available in standard and tailor-made, made-to-order is often used when there is a dense and fibrosis tissue. There are compression classes from Class 1 (pressure of 20 mmHg) up to Class 4 (pressure of 60 mmHg). Custom stockings are a good fit and not only provides compression support, but also a micro-massage of movement. In addition to this, each night dressing. The frequency of maintenance treatment is individual, and it is inserted into a variety of measures.

Complete Physical Lymphocyte Dembehandling performed by physiotherapists who have a minimum of four weeks of training in lymphologic.

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