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Blood vessel inflammation, vasculitis diagnosis

There is no recommended diagnostic standard, but the section above is used to distinguish between the different forms of vasculitis. These diseases are difficult to diagnose because the medical history can match with both infections, tumor diseases and autoimmune diseases. Vasculitis is a diagnosis that means that other causes must be ruled out. It is particularly important to rule out cancer and infection. When other diseases are ruled out, it is essential to clarify the type of vasculitis that existed and the extent of it.

Patients with vasculitis have liked to have diffuse symptoms for some time before a doctor is sought. There may be unexplained fever, rash, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, weight loss. Women are more susceptible to vasculitis.

the blood vessel vasculitis diagnosis guide

Any findings by medical examination vary depending on size, location and extent of involved vessels.

Blood samples have a central role in the study. The diagnosis must be confirmed by microscope tissue samples from the vein. Otherwise it may be a lot of image research to assess the prevalence of the disease.

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