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Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms and signs

Having metabolic syndrome means you have multiple simultaneous disturbances in metabolism. The basic error is reduced tolerance to sugar (glucose), diabetes or increased insulin resistance (more on that below). Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar in the body, and in this condition does not affect the insulin as it should. This means that your blood sugar may become too high. In addition to the weakening effect of insulin can be found in metabolic syndrome two or more of the following condition:

What is Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms and signs

Excess weight, especially around the waist

Body mass index (weight / height x height), BMI of 27-30 kg / m 2 and / or increased waist circumference (≥ 88 cm in women, ≥ 102 cm in men)

High blood pressure - pressure is normal limits of 140 and pressure of 90, values ​​of the described high blood pressure.

For high fat and cholesterol. Means. triglycerides over 1.7mmol / l, low HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol below 1.0mmol / l in men, below 1.3mmol / l in women)

The more of these conditions one has, the greater the risk of disease one study, for example. Shown that men who have two of these factors, has twice the risk of stroke and three times the risk of getting heart disease compared with those who have none of these conditions. Men of all conditions have nearly four times increased risk of heart disease or stroke, and more than 24 fold increased risk of getting diabetes.

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