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Metabolic Syndrome Causes

The researchers believe that the underlying mechanism that contributes to this collection of risk factors is increased resistance to insulin (insulin resistance). Insulin hormone produced in the pancreas and regulates the amount of glucose in the body. It normally supplied to the body a certain amount of sugar through diet. Insulin is needed to transport glucose into body cells, where it is used as energy or power supply to the cells and the body can perform their various tasks.

If your body does not react as before to insulin (insulin resistance), the turnover of glucose in the body be disturbed. The body reacting to this by separating more and more insulin in an attempt to get glucose into cells. This extra insulin helps to maintain normal glucose levels in your blood for a time, but ultimately fails pancreas to increase insulin production more. As a result, glucose accumulated in the blood and lead to type two diabetes. This is the most common form of diabetes.

What is Metabolic Syndrome Causes

The metabolic syndrome occurs, in other words, before you get the type two diabetes. Meanwhile, other changes. The amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood, which damages the body's blood vessels, including a coronary arteries. High insulin values ​​can also interfere with the kidney's ability to sell salt, which can increase blood pressure.

The causes of insulin resistance are not completely known, but it is probably a combination of inherited and environmental factors. The researchers believe that some people are predisposed to hereditary insulin resistance. However, obesity and physical inactivity are very important factors.

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