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Carotid Stenosis Causes

Calcification of Halske (carotid stenosis)

What causes carotid stenosis?
Calcification ( hardening of the arteries ) in Halske due to fatty deposits on the inside of the vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Such fatty deposits called an aterom. A plaque is a major aterom mass. The development of a plaque starts with cholesterol "dig" into the wall of the vein. The body tries to repair this damage, the formation of scar tissue that makes the vessel wall thicker and stiffer and the blood vessels narrower. As more cholesterol is deposited, the vessel walls thicken and blood flow inside the vessel is reduced further. This is known in medical terminology for atherosclerosis.

What causes atherosclerosis?
A certain degree of atherosclerosis is very common among people in nearly everyone Western countries, although the incidence varies. In most development begins as early as the age of 20, and increases with age. Atherosclerosis is the main cause of many cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, angina and stroke.

Although atherosclerosis, to a degree, is a natural part of aging process, there are several factors that may have calcification to go significantly faster. Many of these things can greatly affect themselves.

Smoking is one of the main causes of atherosclerosis. In smoking starts earlier calcification, occurs much faster and have more serious consequences than in non-smokers.

Person with high-fat content in the blood is more prone to atherosclerosis. This is especially stout in the form of cholesterol. Blood fat content is influenced, to some extent, by the food we eat, but also genetic factors are important.

Other risk factors include being male, female after menopause, have diabetes or high blood pressure.

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