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Burgers disease diagnosis and treatment

How is the diagnosis?
It can be very difficult to distinguish this disease from atherosclerosis disease. Atherosclerosis, however, most often affects people over 40 years. Complaint at Burgers disease is also clearly more prominent in the feet and hands than the usual atherosclerosis. Moreover, we can get help from the relatively typical medical history, with inflammation in superficial veins in the early stages. If you are referred to a specialist in vein disease, it will be necessary to do ultrasound and possibly X-ray of your arteries to identify the disease as feasible.

What is the treatment?

The only really effective measure for this disease is smoking cessation. If you do not stop smoking, the disease always gets worse even if you get different treatment. Furthermore, avoid tight footwear can prevent circulation. It pays to keep your feet warm for the cold pulls the blood vessels together. You should avoid medications that can cause the blood vessels to constrict, such as migraine medications and beta blockers in hypertension. Check with your doctor if you have questions. A good advice is also to go for a walk of 15-30 minutes each day, because exercise improves circulation in the legs (forming more blood vessels). If you have problems with your feet, making it difficult for you to go, it can be customized insoles and footwear to ease symptoms. To help the blood circulation in the legs at night it is wise to raise the head end to the bed by 20-30 centimeters. The bed rest should especially heel protected from pressure damage by bandages or padding foam.

Another treatment
There are medications that can expand the blood vessels thereby improving blood circulation unfortunately, the effects from these medications uncertain and variable. Some patients will still be able to have some benefit from such drugs.

The surgical options are relatively limited, because this is a disease that primarily affects small blood vessels.

The conclusion is that the best treatment. We have is smoking cessation.

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