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Blood vessel inflammation, vasculitis

Blood vessel disease

Inflammation of the wall of blood vessels throughout the body, so-called systemic vasculitides are a rare group of autoimmune diseases that can affect both children and adults. The condition can be life threatening, but in most cases, the disease milder. The treatment is done with cortisone and chemotherapy cures.

What is vascular inflammation?
Blood vessel inflammation, vasculitis, are a heterogeneous group of diseases where there are inflammation (inflammation) and damage to blood vessel walls. Such damage will eventually lead to vevshenfall, cell death in the artery wall, which impairs blood flow in the area. A vasculitis may be limited to the skin or other organs, or it may be a multisystem condition that attacked and damage several organs.

what is blood vessel inflammation, vasculitis

Vasculitides are rare conditions. According to a summary report annually about 40-54 new cases per 1 million inhabitants. The incidence appears to be related to geography, age and seasonal variations.

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