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Kawasaki disease treatment

Since the condition is reminiscent of an infection and the diagnosis is difficult to ask, many will have received antibiotics without effect. Regardless of the disease in its acute phase transition by itself.

The dilemma is the risk of complications and serious sequela. If the diagnosis is made, doctors will therefore provide direct immunoglobulin in the blood to reduce the harmful effects of the disease. This treatment provides rapid improvement in the condition with fever of freedom within one to two days. The treatment also reduces the risk of later heart disease. There will also be given acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, ex. Dispril) in a few weeks.

Kawasaki disease diagnosis

How is the diagnosis?
Diagnosis is made primarily on the medical history, and finds the doctor do when the child is physically examined. Blood tests do not contribute to make any definite diagnosis, but may be instructive. X-ray of the lungs can sometimes show mild pneumonia-like changes.
the kawasaki disease treatment guidelines

If doctors suspect the diagnosis, the echocardiogram show changes in the heart that support the diagnosis.

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