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What Is Chest Wall Pain

Chest Wall Pain

  • Chest wall pain caused by pain in the muscles between the ribs of the chest wall.
  • It is a common condition that often occurs in adulthood, with no significant gender difference.
  • Typical complaints of patients stinging pain, there is local muscle tension, and it is tender to touch the chest wall. The patient does not have a cough.
  • The patient needs no treatment other than information about the condition is harmless, stress-related and will be able to heal by itself.
  • For many this is a condition that comes and goes.
what is chest wall pain what causes it
How can the condition be treated?
This is a harmless condition that needs treatment. The important thing is to rule out other diseases and become familiar with the fact that there is nothing wrong with the heart or lungs. Most people will also benefit from relaxation exercises and learning good breathing technique.

Very few patients can get more serious and long-term ailments. In such cases, treatment (transverse friction) physiotherapy help. If you constantly experience new periods of pain, it is important to be aware of the cause and the good prognosis. Concerns increase muscle tension and therefore, pain.

What is the prognosis?
In the aforementioned German / Austrian study found that over half of the patients still had chest wall pain six months after the diagnosis was made. Complaints will often come and go, and in many cases. There is clear correlation between symptoms and stress-filled life phases.

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