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Pain Chest Wall

What is the source of the complaint?

Chest wall with muscle
We do not have full insight into the cause of these problems, but it is understood that the following explanation is likely: The condition usually caused by muscle tension and breathing failure. Infants breathe with the stomach, i.e. the diaphragm moves up and down so that the stomach bulges out during the inhalation and exhalation of return. By this technique, which is the proper breathing technique, keep your chest completely still when we breathe.

the pain chest wall pain treatment

Many older people can no longer breathe in this way, and raise your chest and shoulders when breathing should be included. This strain, we are not truly designed to withstand, and many people also get pain in the muscles that lift the chest. This is exacerbated if you are tense and tight muscles more than necessary when they really should rest if damage or fall, and after operations in the chest seen such tensions often.

Most people who experience such pain, think fast on your mind, which often leads to increased muscle tension and increasing pain. The pain is thought to come from irritation of the muscles and tendon membranes because of the overload.

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