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The pulmonary circulation

The prevalence of high blood pressure in pulmonary circulation?
Primary pulmonary hypertension is a very rare condition and the number of new cases per year reported to be ca. 1-2 per 1 million people. In childhood there is no gender difference, but after puberty, the prevalence was higher in women than men (1,7:1). The condition is most frequent in the age group 20 to 40 years.

Secondary pulmonary hypertension is more common but is underdiagnosed. The exact incidence is difficult to estimate because of the huge spread in the underlying causes.

the pulmonary circulation is a high pressure circulation
Cor pulmonale arising as a result of underlying disease, are relatively common and is the third most common cardiovascular disease (by coronary artery disease and heart disease as a result of high blood pressure in the large circulation) . For example, half of patients with COPD, cor pulmonale. About 20% of patients hospitalized with heart failure, have the right ventricular failure with cor pulmonale.

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