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Pulmonary circulation vessels

What causes high blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation?
In primary pulmonary hypertension, the cause is unknown, but the abnormal changes associated with blood vessels in the lungs. Secondary pulmonary hypertension is a complication of many diseases of the lungs, heart and chest cavity. Cor pulmonale is a consequence of prolonged high blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation in which the right ventricle has become enlarged. Right ventricle is relatively thin and have limited ability to appreciate, therefore, the right side of the heart could begin to fail if blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation are persistently high. It occurs when the right-sided heart failure.

Another contributing factor is that the blood becomes high rate of chronic lung disease in which the absorption of oxygen is reduced. The blood becomes "thicker / stickier," which further increases blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation.
pulmonary circulation vessels function

A number of conditions can cause secondary pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale, the most common are: COPD , chronic asthma , small and large blood clots , massive obesity with respiratory problems, lung disease due to intravenous drug abuse, congenital heart disease , pulmonary fibrosis , removed lung tissue during surgery, muscle weakness, significant spinal distortions, low metabolism , inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis).

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