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Food Allergy Tests and Laboratory Tests

Diet Diary

The diet diary is to keep a log of foods eaten in chronological order and associated with adverse effects and symptoms associated with food intake.

It is easy to implement a system inexpensive to document the frequency and the relationship of cause / effect taken with food, with the advantage of focusing the patients on the correct management of their diet.

The diagnostic utility is restricted, especially if food reactions occur after some time of their recruitment.

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This post is also rarely useful to identify foods implicated in an adverse reaction, it does not allow to make the diagnosis with certainty especially when the symptoms are delayed or rare.

Elimination diet
It is commonly used to make diagnosis and therapeutic purposes.
Its use for diagnostic purposes is to eliminate all foods or food groups suspected for a certain period of time (7-10 days) concomitantly with a decrease in symptom control.

The elimination diet is more useful in evaluating chronic conditions. The success of this depends on the certainty of having eliminated the suspected food from the diet. The limitations of this method are related only to the prejudices of the physician and patient, especially if over time the patient can not stand the limitation that this diet entails.

Once allergens are identified, they are removed from the patient's diet indefinitely, unless the resolution of the disease over time.

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