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Food Allergy Comorbidities

Immunological and rheumatological: vasculitis (found an association with Henoch-Schonlein purpura) , arthritis: in particular it was noted that in the intestinal mucosa of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis are activated cytotoxic lymphocytes, similar to what occurs in the course of allergies. This may suggest a possible role of food allergens in the pathogenesis of this disease.

Neurological and psychiatric disorders: migraine (between the various pathogenetic hypotheses many authors have assumed the role of some food allergens). Among the patients was also an increased incidence of mental disorders such as anxiety, depressive symptoms, aggression and sleep disturbances, as well as an increased risk of suicide.

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Renal and genitourinary: in some cases of enuresis the child was observed an effect of particular foods trigger. Even some forms of nephrotic syndrome may have a link with allergy: in particular it has been hypothesized that the 'interleukin 13, a cytokine involved in IgE-mediated immune response, may be responsible for proteinuria in patients with minimal change glomerulopathy in the its ability to induce the expression of a molecule called CD80 on the surface of podocytes.

Among the allergens identified as potential underlying causes of nephrotic syndrome (especially in childhood) are the milk proteins.

ENT: recently (May 2010) were reported as uncommon complication in the course of food allergy, allergic rhinitis.

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