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Replacing Teeth

Implant dentistry is a part of dentistry, the science that deals with everything related to the teeth, which studies how to restore the activity of chewing to a person who is, for natural reasons or for any other reason, without one or more teeth.

The technique tends to be replaced with a fixed structure (a stem constructed artificially) implanted in the gum, the old root to permit the installation of a new tooth.

The history of this kind of research starts from a distance. The early studies are already in the 40s began when their first attempts to establish bases in the gums so that they could accommodate the new teeth. Only recently, however, the technique of ' implant has reached the point of solving all the problems with the attempt to replace teeth with other materials.

Today, after years of research and attempts, titanium implants are used or one of its league.

replacing teeth with implants

Titanium is the absolute favorite for this type of work because it is the only material not to cause immune crisis following the operation. The rejection reaction is, in fact, caused by foreign bodies that contain protein. As the titanium-free and helping them bond with the bone that forms the basis of osseointegration, the relationship created between the bone, and the system is the main option of anyone taking advantage of implantologic.

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