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The history of dental implantology

Implant dentistry is a specialty of dentistry, which allows a person who is, for natural reasons or for medical needs, without one or more teeth, to restore the activity of chewing through the root canal system built in an artificial located properly of those lost, so that you can attach new teeth situated correctly of old.

Research in this field has a history of long standing. Back in the '40s it began the first attempts to establish bases in the gums so that they could accommodate new and artificial teeth fixed. Only recently, however, the technique of ' implant has reached the point of solving all the problems in the attempt to replace teeth with other materials.

dental implantology update

Nowadays, it is used merely titanium implants. This material is the absolute favorite because it is the only one not cause crisis of rejection and immune reactions. The rejection reaction is, in fact, caused by foreign bodies containing proteins. Titanium is free and it also tends to establish a bond with the bone that forms the basis of osseointegration, the relationship created between the bone and system.

To get the price that could have an intervention of this type can refer to the Internet. Looking at any search engine "dental implant's costs," you'll find many answers for your questions, both in terms of tariffs to the level within the system are to investigate the matter.

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