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Pediatric Nursing area History From the Sixteenth to the Seventeenth Century

The experiences in pediatrics Renaissance, like the other branches of medicine, a push for innovation, especially on the Italian doctors, including Mercurial (1530-1606). He was appointed reader at the Department of Medicine ' University of Padova, teaches theoretical medicine at Bologna, before moving to ' University of Pisa and his name is among the teachers of the Wisdom of Rome.

Among his major works concerning the De morbis puerorum are pediatrics (1583) and the ratio Nomothelasmus seu lactandi infantes (1522). De morbis puerorum considered a real treat, divided into three books, the first for which deals with diseases of the external and internal to the second and third of worms, and all the disorders that they are related. The infantes' nursing Nomothelasmus seu ratio is a little book which, while relying only sixteen pages, it can be considered a small treatise of Pediatrics.

Other physicians involved in pediatrics imported during this period are Lionello de Vittori, James Ognibene Troncone and Ferrari, which besides showcasing ideas have already been distributed at the time he wrote the in infantum medicine, bringing the description of some innovative items like the pump in glass and a small wheelbarrow to take the first steps to the infant.

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