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Wrinkle Treatment

A popular remedy for wrinkles: wrinkle injections

A visible sign of biological aging is wrinkles that can occur from muscle movements (facial or dynamic, such as forehead wrinkles) or gravitational (orthostatic, e.g. cheek folds).

Age, skin type, lifestyle habits (UV-consumption, smoking) and muscle activities are primary factors. Expression lines may be bilateral (e.g., crow's feet) or separately (e.g., glabella frown lines =) appear.

Surgical removal of wrinkle's measures (e.g., lift or lift) can ever be circumvented through collagen injections for wrinkles. Here, a very small amount of a filler substance (so-called dermal filler) with a thin needle is injected under the skin that gives skin volume and thus raising the crease and smooths.

The substances used to this situation, absorbable (dissolvable and temporary) or absorbable (not resolvable by the body and permanent micro-implants) and be made endogenous or foreign material. The wrinkle injections are typically performed by a plastic surgeon, outpatient and lasts, depending on the treated skin area about 20-30 minutes. A local anaesthetic using anaesthetic cream or spray is possible.

Currently, there are about 70 different products for wrinkle injections. Absorbable materials are low-risk and are preferably used.

The most popular currently used substances: collagen, hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, autologous fat (or lipo transfer-filling), botulinum toxin A (paralyzes the fold forming muscle) and semi-permanent and permanent fillers.

In the first six hours after the injection should be waived, the treated areas to touch unnecessary to wash or make-up.

In the treated area redness, swelling, bruising; tenderness or itching occurred, which disappear after a maximum of two days. An allergic reaction to the Fillersubstanz is rare. Be used are allergic reactions to animal proteins (e.g. collagen) Full Praparate non-animal origin. There are about four weeks is recommended before treatment is an allergy test in which a small amount of collagen is injected.

The exact side effects, risks and complications (e.g., defensive reactions) in the respective Fillersubstanzen should first be discussed in detail with the treating physician. Botulinum toxin-A in pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients not applied with generalized disorder of muscle activity. Furthermore, have blood-thinning agents should be discontinued 1-2 weeks before treatment.

Fine adjustments to achieve an optimal result may be required within 2-4 weeks after treatment. Depending on the selected Fillersubstanz approximately 3-12 months after surgery is needed freshening up treatment.

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