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When probiotics are quite useful?

Known are probiotics, i.e. microorganisms, which included the food and positive impact on health will have to, for over a hundred years.

It is explored in more detail the effect on these organisms, but only for almost thirty years - but really, these little micro-organisms known to us only for a certain Meteorolge this brought closer in a TV commercial for a particular yogurt.

There are now several studies that have employed the probiotics.

Based on eight studies, there is no really clear evidence of the accepted and widely promoted in advertising health-promoting mode of action of probiotics.

Three investigations have come to positive results, two and three from negative about say that probiotics are more neutral.

How can these contradictory statement's bypass the common man?

This suggests Professor Stephan Bischoff, director of the Institute of Nutrition Medicine at the University of Hohenheim, the following:

probiotics uses benefits

The differing study results indicated that one must consider the mode of action and hence the use of probiotics differentiated.

This meant there would be conditions in which probiotics are effective and healthy means, for example, acute and caused by an infection caused diarrhea or even intestinal diseases, chronic inflammation due to be one.

Furthermore, positive they had the so-called irritable bowel syndrome, if infants to intestinal inflammation or suffered diarrhea had been caused by antibiotics.

Well, it considered but must be given to the administration of probiotics in critically ill people, such as in intensive care, since it has a line often far advanced intestinal damage, so that the microorganisms could be harmful under certain circumstances.

This damage is in my experience, especially in patients with a so-called Leaky Gut Syndrome can be expected.

Sound approach would, however, be seriously ill to supply probiotics, if under strict medical supervision and control, such as part of a medical study is done.

The object to the research is to find out is to see in what context of a disease probiotics administration and when these can be positively applied to the patient. This requires further medical examinations of the mode of action of the microorganisms.

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